Who we are

We are an entity within the Viterbi School of Engineering at USC focused on the frontiers of energy technologies that help to find ways to reduce environmental pollution of green house gases and solve fundamental problems in existing and new energy sources.

What we do

We identify important areas of research with short to middle term goals by interacting with the faculty within USC and our oversight and advisory committees and provide seed fund support to researchers in the Viterbi School and the university to focus on innovative solutions to energy related areas.

Where we work

The main administrative office is RTH 302 but the domain of activities spreads to many laboratories and research facilities at USC



We are developing new sponsorships by internationally sponsoring agencies to expand our research contribution worldwide and provide educational and research opportunities to many countries.



The issues of energy availability and energy security involves interactions with many diverse groups of research scientists, policy makers and experts. We are a lead organization developing such relationships.

Center of Excellence

We are focusing on 9 areas of research.

  • 1
    Low carbon oil and gas operation
  • 2
    Managing and abandoning legacy oil and gas and renewable energy assets
  • 3
    GHG sensing and long term Monitoring System
  • 4
    CO2 subsurface containment
  • 5
    CO2 capture and conversion
  • 6
    Subsurface storage
  • 7
    Advanced materials for hydrogen production, transportation and storage
  • 8
    Bio-Fuel sourcing and production
  • 9
    Smart power distribution and management system

Upcoming Events

Virtual Chevron Sponsored Science Teachers Workshop on Energy Transition July 24-25, 2023

To invest in educating the public about realities of energy transition, training of students with energy related skills and supporting faculty conducting research in energy related areas, please contact the Center Director.